It’s a meeting that should have been an email. It’s when two people quit, but only one gets re-hired. It’s unwieldy abuse of reply all. Of all the things we love about nonprofits, these aren’t them. This isn’t to say magic isn’t happening. With over 1.7 million nonprofits in the U.S. (Candid), lots are doing well and doing good… but who wants to read about them?

Here we have fun with those few words usually buried at the bottom of most job descriptions. You know, the phrase suggesting while the primary function of your nonprofit role may be to create programs, fundraise, promote, and so on, what you’ll really be doing is de-thorning roses before the annual gala, proofreading your ED’s personal Christmas card, or walking a donor to their car in a hurricane (with the umbrella shielding them, of course).

So stay tuned, kick up your feet and get a nice cup of coffee — well, a cheap cup of coffee, because it’s midway through the fiscal year, you’re not meeting your fundraising goals, and your ED needs a bonus… even though your org doesn’t do bonuses.

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