An Analysis of Why This Will All Probably, Maybe be Sorta Fine for Nonprofits, Based on Science and Facts

Nonprofiteers… we have nothing to worry about. Trust me, I am a thought leader. I have looked at the numbers, and the situation is looking incredibly rosy. In particular, the Dow index on February 13 was well over 29,000. Any reporting on the numbers since then is false news. You can see for yourself, here:


Why is this important? Well of course, the economy is booming. Companies are all roaring and open for business! With more Americans currently at work than ever before, that means they are bringing home significant financial resources, which means they are donating more money to nonprofits. We know this is true, because science. Come 2021, GivingUSA will show this as the most successful philanthropic year in history, period.

I have heard a number of my colleagues in the nonprofit sector arguing signs of caution. Literally there are dozens of hyper-liberal opinion pieces out there trying to instill fear and organizational rioting in our industry. They are all “turning on the news” and “talking to donors” and “seeing the impact of a catastrophic global health crisis” and are, in my opinion, being a bit dramatic. Even if things were rough right now — and I am not saying they are — that’s no reason to start panicking. We need to let the next five to 10 years play out before we make any rash decisions about spending, hiring, strategic planning, programmatic expansion, capital campaigns, etc.

As a point of grace, we should look to the periods of time in our great American history when our economy was strongest, like the late-1920s, 1940s, early 1980s and the late 2000s. What happened during these times? Did we retrench? Did we pause? No. We were America, and we are America. So hear me when I say, we have nothing to worry about, because facts.

UpdateEvidently there is a pretty massive pandemic wreaking havoc on the entirety of the world right now, so please disregard.

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