Ugh: On the Absurdity of Nonprofit Job Titles

Nonprofits are really good at being really bad about titling positions with multiple responsibilities. A shortlist* for your consideration…

  • Human Resources and Marketing Director
  • Marketing and Operations Assistant
  • Development and Bathroom Services Liaison
  • Executive Director and Window Washer
  • Senior Assistant Associate Deputy Director of Hole Punching II
  • Vice President of Advancement and Dogsitting 
  • Education and Lightbulb Associate
  • Volunteer Services and Carwash Assistant
  • Chief Financial Officer and Office Chef
  • Executive Assistant and Yogi
  • Junior Research Analyst and Crossfit Instructor
  • Social Media and Spiritual Guidance Coordinator
  • Outreach and Backrub Specialist
  • Assistant Director of Events and Costco Membership 
  • Marketing, Operations, Human Resources, Development, Education, Social Media, Outreach, Patron Services and Cookie Baking Manager

Well, at least we pay well……………..

*Y’all have seen things like this while job searching. Don’t lie.


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